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Comment: At night the stove drawer doubled as a TV table although I have since upgraded to a DVD player which draws considerably less current. I think this VHS movie was "Dad" staring Jack Lemmon. Another plus is that the snacks are never far away on these nice warm evenings. And yes, I get a poor grade for housekeeping but this is what bachelor's do.
Just a view of the remote vent with halo lights and fan.  The controls are near the pillow on the side wall. Even in 100 plus degree temps I have never found need for the fan especially with both doors are open but of course we're talking about dry California air.

I determined that with the jack all the way up and wheel removed that it would still scrape the driveway so a 2-1/2 hardwood spacer was fabricated to give it clearance. The trailer tongue is very short and I don't think there would have been room for a swing away jack.

Here it is all hooked up and ready to take to the DMV for inspection and a license plate so it will have a birth certificate.

The California DMV issued another plate while this one was being processed. I guess this makes it officially MY TEAR.

In a stiff breeze the wind would unroll the towels so a piece of wire from a coat hanger was twisted around a nail to form a spring and screwed to the towel rack to keep tension on the paper. Problem solved.

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Ya got to have pillows and stuff with pictures of the great outdoors on them courtesy of my wonderful sister for remembering my birthday (which I'd like to forget). Sure is a hugh step up from tent camping on the ground.

This is what it's all about. Just kickin back, listening to the stream and enjoying a place where motor homes and most trailers can just dream about.

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