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Comment: November 17th 2003 - I made the switch plate with a graphics program and printed onto photo paper. Then covered with laminating film to protect and mounted it on a piece of 1/8" Masonite. The lamp above the switches was usually the only light needed for reading.
Finished galley after a few coats of varnish showing cooler extended for easy access and the stove in it's traveling position. Good idea to get a cooler before attaching the bottom bulkhead to make sure you have room. It's critical on an eight footer.  A rubber mat is under the stove to keep from harming the countertop while traveling.

Details of stove slide in open position.  Also a built in drawer underneath for supplies.  Dovetain construction was used on the drawers.

First trip out and the galley is open for business for the next nine days. There is a deep cycle group24 battery on the floor back under the stove so the trailer can operate under it's own power.

The Coleman water bottle just didn't do it for me and was taking up valuable real estate so will haul it in the pick-up. A deep cycle battery was installed on the floor with a removable shelf on top which has lots of room for canned goods. Behind the battery is for propane and anything else that will fit.

The radius corner moulding is dado'd inside to house seven electrical wires. Also hidden above view is a tube light that gives plenty of light and draws only .7/amp

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The dp/dt switch to open the top vent isn't visible behind the pillow. A reading light and switches to control overhead halo lights, radio and fan.

Finished inside with simple shelves, a built in auto radio and 12V power outlet for TV etc. Although out of sight the stove drawer in the galley butts up to the back of the radio and boxed in. With an eight footer you don't want to waste a single cubic/inch of valuable space. Is it any wonder that in nice weather at home I sometimes spend some nights in the teardrop?

Just a view of the remote vent with halo lights and fan.  The controls are near the pillow on the side wall. Even in 100 plus degree temps I have never found need for the fan especially with both doors are open but of course we're talking about dry California air.

I determined that with the jack all the way up and wheel removed that it would still scrape the driveway so a 2-1/2 hardwood spacer was fabricated to give it clearance. The trailer tongue is very short and I don't think there would have been room for a swing away jack.

Here it is all hooked up and ready to take to the DMV for inspection and a license plate so it will have a birth certificate.

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