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Comment: November 9th 2003 - Detail of how the top is locked into the side ribs with glue and screws.
November 16th 2003 - Holding top aluminum in place prior to cutting the top vent opening. Because the sides were clones and the floor was absolutly level when the bulkhead was installed the hard board and aluminum skins then fit pefectly with no trimming.

(INSET) Threaded inserts were installed with allen wrench into the sides for studs to mount fenders. First the blind holes were drilled 5/8 deep and just shy of going through. This leaves a smooth surface on the inside. Inserts (inset) were then screwed in.  They were also used to mount the hatch props in the galley.

Ghost image showing how the fender washers will clamp the fender flange.

Finished mounting and will run beaded fender welting around outside to dress it up before tightening.

November 8th 2003 - A template was used for the plywood hatch ribs. Pairs will be glued together for each side. When the template is moved in to cut next rib it rough's in the backside of the previous one as it is cut off.

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November 9th 2003 - Frame with 1/8 board that will be glued, nailed & screwed into place.

November 8th 2003 - Clamping hatch frame in place prior to attaching the hardboard. 1/2 clearance was divided evenly on each side.
Note: The bottom bulkhead isn't installed allowing access to remove the clamps when finished.

November 9th 2003 - Clamped in place on the top prior to gluing on hardboard.

November 9th 2003 - Temporarly removed floor mounting bolt and used hole to clamp bottom of hatch in place prior to skinning with hard board. Note: The bottom bulkhead isn't installed yet which will give access to remove clamps once the skin is installed.

With hatch clamped in position 1/8 hardboard was glued and tacked with a brad nailer. At the bottom edge it was screwed to the stringer. After skinning with aluminum the top side will have the hinge mounted on top.

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