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Comment: October 23rd 2003 - Floor is 3/4" birch plywood with 1-5/8 X 2-1/4" frame rails glued and two inch screws every three inches.
October 3rd 2003 - Trial fit to make sure the axle and suppension fit correctly. It's a 2000/lb 4 drop axle with 1000/lb springs on 39 centers.
Note: This combination worked perfect with no bounce or sway in heavy cross winds.

October 5th 2003 - Underside of the connector is welded in place. The chains will also be welded to the frame.

October 16th 2003 - Just trying an idea to mount some swivel casters up underneath in back to help me out of my steep driveway.  Won't install unless needed on the first trip out the drive.
Note: They were never needed.

October 16th 2003 - Some 5/16 flat steel was bent and scabbed onto the rails where the bends were made for extra strength.

October 16th 2003 - OK . . . frame's finished so it's time to put away the welder and dust off the woodworking tools. The Toyota truck (same bolt pattern as Ford) wheels came from a wrecking yard with these old tires installed which will be replaced on completion.
Note: when finished the tires were replaced with P205/R75-14's

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October 23rd 2003 - Took lots of pains to get the floor and frame to size which makes the rest of the building go so much easier. The six carriage bolts mounting floor to frame have double nuts locked together which should stay tight.

November 14th 2003 - Several coats of marine spar varnish before bolting to frame.  After priming the frame received three coats of gloss black Rust-O-Lium.

November 16th 2003 - After the floor was built it got three coats of marine spar varnish on the underside before bolting to chassis.

October 25th 2003 - Sides are 3/4 birch plywood. Made a quarter inch hard board template of the profile and then used a router with a 1/4 carbide bit and 7/16 collar to cut the shape. Made a couple passes on each side and they are virtual clones of one another. Note: The template was made 3/32 smaller than the finished wall size to account for half the difference between the collar & cutter size. Doors on each side of the cabin work great for two people and making the bed is much easier.

November 1st 2003 - Extra wood around where the vent will be so as to have some material to attach the vent with screws.

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