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Comment: Cooler tray is made from 1 inch angle with wood trim. Mounted with full extension 100# drawer slides.
The top weatherstrip is called P-weatherstrip. It's hollow, compresses easily and has a sticky backing making it easy to install.  All of my weatherstipping was purchased at the Home Depot.

The latch has a 1/4 spacer behind it and the striker plate was made from a piece of 1/8 X 1 angle countersunk for a screw. The aluminum jamb moulding is called Counter top edging and can be found at most any hardware store.

A short piece of nylon strap limits how far the door can swing open. It is turned under at the ends with some metal plates screwing it to the surfaces.

January 18th 2004 - Hatch has 1-1/2 of insulation inside and '39' Ford taillights installed. Clearance lights will also be added in keeping with the DOT rules.

The cooler is tapered 4 degrees on the back side so I angled the bottom bulkhead to match which added another inch or two of leg room in the cabin.

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The top galley shelf was made with dados and glue and then set into place for a trial run. After first voyage I was able to remove it to shorten the vertical supports to make better use of the space.

A sink large enough to be of much use would take up to much counter space and the depth would restrict the cooler size. Instead I found a plastic kitty litter container that's just the right size for cleaning dishes and it doesn't have to drain under the trailer.

Everything stowed and ready for traveling.  I stained the inside panel of the hatch dark walnut to add some contrast. The electrical in the hatch connects to the trailer with a flat trailer plug which makes for easy removal of the hatch door in case the hinge track ever needs cleaning.

Finished galley after a few coats of varnish showing cooler extended for easy access and the stove in it's traveling position. Good idea to get a cooler before attaching the bottom bulkhead to make sure you have room. It's critical on an eight footer.  A rubber mat is under the stove to keep from harming the countertop while traveling.

Details of stove slide in open position.  Also a built in drawer underneath for supplies.  Dovetain construction was used on the drawers.

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